How to Make Your Wedding Makeup Last ALL Day

Weddings can make for a very long day when you're the bride and one question I get asked the most is "will my makeup last all day".  With the correct products and the right application the answer is YES absolutely, but there are a few things you can do that will help to make a massive difference.

1. Face Touching


You will be amazing at how often you touch your face without realising it and as a makeup artist it's something I notice people doing a lot. Every time you do this, you slowly but surely start to remove your makeup. It sounds so simple, but it really does make a massive difference. A great way to manage this on your big day is to get your bridesmaids to remind you if they see you touching your face once you've had your makeup done. If you don't wear makeup often you are more likely to touch your face without realising it πŸ™‚.

2. Crying

The chance of you potentially crying on your wedding day is pretty high, especially during the ceremony and if you manage it correctly there is no need for it to effect your makeup. A good tip is to make sure your partner has a tissue in their suit jacket pocket, so if you do feel the tears coming make sure you dab the tissue under your eyes to adsorb the tears, do NOT wipe as the wiping action will wipe away the makeup from under your eyes. 


3. Nose Blowing

99% of the time tears also mean a runny nose too, and so often I see wedding photos where the bride has given her nose a great big blow (the kind you do when you have a cold) and in the process removed all the makeup off her nose. There are a couple of options to combat this; option one - use a tissue to dab under your nose to collect anything that is running. Option two -in the privacy of a bathroom, roll up some tissue and stick them up your nose (I know, super glamorous - but it works 😁) and it will soak up the runny-ness and remove any boogers with out ruining your makeup. 

4. Lipstick Touchup 


No matter what makeup look you go for on your wedding day, some colour on your lips always completes the look and makes a massive difference in photos - whether it's something light and natural or bold and striking. Re-applying your lipstick throughout the day will help to keep you looking fresh all day and night long. I provide all my brides with a small cutting of lipstick in a mini container along with a few applicator wands to use throughout the day. Alternatively, talking with your makeup artist to find out what lipstick they use on you for your trial and purchasing that to have with you on the day is a great option too. 

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