A True Love Story | Same Sex Wedding, Queenstown

Late last year I had the absolute pleasure of doing makeup for the amazing Danielle & Renae. These two lovely ladies travelled from Australia to New Zealand to get married, as unfortunately it is still not legal for them to get married at home. 

As soon as I met Danielle & Renae, I knew there was something special about these two.  They were both so welcoming, relaxed and open to chat to me about their journey.  

Not only is their wedding day film extremely heart warming, it also highlights the struggle same sex couples have in Australia. Not to mention it's a real tear jerker, honestly I have watched it a few times and it still makes me well up. 

Meeting Danielle and Renae made me truly realise what I have taken for granted because I am in a heterosexual relationship. At the end of the day, if two people love each other and want to make the commitment of marriage, it shouldn't matter if they are the same gender. I am very proud to be a Kiwi and to have a government that recognises same sex couples shouldn't be treated differently, and I sincerely hope Australia makes a change.